The Kero Creative Story

Honest Branding for Authentic Brands

Where We’ve Been

It all started in 2017 with a spine surgery. Or a second spine surgery, to be precise. When former journalist-turned-marketer Kelsey Roseth found herself facing disability due to chronic back pain, she began freelancing as a social media manager, copywriter, videographer, photographer, website developer and more.

She built those skills over a decade while serving as a news anchor/reporter, corporate communications specialist, recruiter, copywriter and social media manager. Operating at high performance and focusing on results, Kelsey grew the business through word-of-mouth and hired her first employee in the beginning of 2019. Today, Kero Creative is a full-service advertising, marketing and communications agency providing honest branding for authentic brands.

Where We’re Going

For Clients // We exist to develop honest branding for authentic companies. We do this because brands based on honesty and integrity thrive — and our clients, down-to-earth folks, deserve to prosper. We’re surrounded by works of fiction, and it’s time to take a stand for the truth.

For Our Community // As a company, we’re working to create a diverse community of creatives — employees operating as freelancers for the sake of their families and individual physical, mental and emotional health. Today’s professionals are expected to fit into boxes, and we don’t believe in boxes here.

Meet Our Team

Kelsey Roseth
Kelsey RosethFounder + Copywriter
A few years back, Kelsey turned her energizing side hustle into a small, dynamic advertising, marketing and communications agency. Today, she manages client strategy and messaging, business development and the day-to-day operations.
Tianna Kay Day
Tianna Kay DayMarketing + Social Media Specialist
Both imaginative and enthusiastic, Tianna Day manages social media strategy and internal marketing at Kero Creative. With a background in English and social work, she’s a rockstar at writing social content aimed to hit the heartstrings.
Jenn Husar
Jenn HusarGraphic Designer + Project Manager
Jenn Husar provides support for graphic design projects, brand development efforts, marketing and communications campaigns, website design, social media collateral, and other digital and traditional marketing needs as well as project management.
George Peterson
George PetersonAP/AR Specialist
George Peterson handles all things AP/AR for Kero Creative. He keeps the business finances running smoothly so we can keep the lights on and the bank account balanced.
Jacinda Santora
Jacinda SantoraCopywriter
Jacinda Santora is a copywriter and marketing strategist, as well as the owner of JMS Copy. She writes conversion-focused copy using a proprietary process based on studies in human decision-making.
Jeremiah Fischer
Jeremiah FischerWeb Developer
Jeremiah Fischer has more than 15 years of development experience, including web development, scripting, and full-stack .NET. He is a firm believer and expert in automation.

Kero’s Core Values

  • Experiment and Innovate

  • Strive for Progress

  • Create Opportunities

  • Promote Diversity

  • Empower Our Community

  • Practice Compassion

  • Stop. Listen. Learn.

  • Celebrate Success