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Our copywriters all have a background in broadcast or print journalism, which guides how we attract the media and the public’s attention. Working hand-in-hand with the client, we identify core media to target, develop and manage distribution lists, create story ideas, draft press releases (either as a series or singularly), conduct follow-up and ensure coverage.

Examples include

With our strong background in journalistic writing, we are often hired to produce advertorials for clients seeking to pay to place a journalistic-style ad in local, regional and national publications.

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Whether our clients are seeking a short- or long-form blog post, we take a journalistic approach to creating content for blogs to serve as informative yet search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. Our writing experience spans from upbeat and playful to exceptionally professional.

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When a client has a message to get out that requires careful crafting, we partner with clients to ensure whatever news they have to share is done in the best light, with utmost professionalism. We’ve helped clients navigate sensitive communication from carefully-crafted internal communications to warm-hearted yet targeted campaigns.

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We take pride in our ability to insert ourselves into someone else’s shoes and write under their name. As part of any ghostwritten piece, we interview stakeholders to explore their word choice, tone and other important aspects of their voice. Our most rewarding work in this arena has been ghostwriting a book for an author who was one of Forbes’ “Coach Council” and continually writing as a bank president with confidence, bravado, and a little bit of swagger.

Limited examples on request with non-disclosure agreement signed.

Whether a professional writer’s touch is helpful to clean up client-facing communication on processes and procedures or internal communications aimed at creating change – our writers are skilled in this capacity and eager to serve.

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Graphic Design

Whether a client is seeking a simplified logo to visually represent their brand or something more advanced and hand-crafted, Kero Creative’s graphic designer is an innovative thinker aimed at catapulting a brand’s visual identity.

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Materials used to promote your business or organization might include newsletters, pamphlets, business cards, giveaway items and swag, labels or packaging. Kero Creative can work with you to design the proper presentation for any medium so your message is distributed in a way that makes sense.

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Our team is experienced at event and trade show marketing – managing everything from booth layout to print materials, booth graphics to developing innovative ways to make a sale on-site.

Examples include

We utilize the brand’s foundation and enduring reputation to improve the design, move it forward and use color theory to elevate the brand and influence their audience.

Create a foundation to manage your brand independently with Brand Hub establishment in Canva, a brand foundation in email marketing, a WordPress website’s theme settings or branded letterhead.
This is all to ensure you are able to implement your brand across all platforms without the constant need for an agency or in-house designer.

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These small packages are an option for businesses on a budget to create engaging content for their social media, website, digital advertising and more. Videos can be formatted for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Threads, X, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok or Pinterest.

These videos are aimed at elevating a company or non-profit, sharing its story in video format with its current and potential customers, donors and other stakeholders.

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Leveraging professional video animation and high-end graphics, we’ve successfully created marketing products for advertisements (and organic views) across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Threads, X, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok or Pinterest.

Examples include

Kero’s videographer is a commercially licensed drone pilot, allowing us to capture video and photos of your region for use in a variety of materials.

Examples include

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Our photographer and videographer are skilled at showing people in their best light. Working with our graphic designer, who worked at a high-end photography studio in New York City (and still works remotely from that region), we utilize natural light and warm/inviting backgrounds for a professional edge.

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Professional, properly lit photography goes a long way in catching an audience’s attention. From product photography to photography showcasing services, our photographer/videographer’s exceptional eye can help you stand out.

Examples include

Over the years, we’ve had numerous opportunities to help showcase the strength of a brand by introducing customers to a client’s workspace and facility while also sharing a sneak peek of what it looks like for those working at an office. When creating engaging content for emails, social media, websites and digital advertisements, we know that one of the most successful ways of sharing a brand story is through moving images of team members – reflecting the warmth and energy of a client’s organization.

Examples include

Website Design + Development

Whether we’re partnering with multiple vendors to support a portion of a website development project or managing it all in-house, our team of web developers and server administrators help us know the tools and techniques that create optimal online experiences for customers.

We have extensive experience with the most popular content management systems: WordPress, Shopify and Wix.

Examples include

When leveraging thoughtful design with a thorough user experience plan, our team is adept at designing a website that encourages users to take action – whether it’s through lead generation or an e-commerce experience.

Examples include

Kero Creative has worked on client websites with products ranging from 5 to 1,500 – using a scripting process to expedite the onboarding of products into an e-commerce platform to help support a client for a fast launch.

We have extensive experience with the most popular e-commerce systems: WordPress with WooCommerce, Shopify and Wix.

Examples include

Kero Creative Services | Website Design + Website Development

Website Hosting

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers reliable, scalable, and highly-secure cloud computing services — and was selected as a hosting platform for the U.S. Federal Government. That’s why Kero Creative hosts all client websites on this powerful platform. Our team is exceptionally responsive to outages and issues (if encountered) and is available on an emergency and overnight basis if needed (at an emergency rate).

Website development and hosting projects include free SSL certificate implementation to protect your website from outside attacks. We will also handle registering your domain with AWS for you, efficiently taking your site from concept to reality.

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Social Media

At Kero Creative, we pride ourselves in responsive social media management, nimbly reacting to user response and engagement. With Comprehensive Social Media Management services, we’ll manage your social media platforms from start to finish. We create highly tailored packages for clients based on their goals, budget and participation level. We have experience in all major networks: Facebook, Instagram, Threads, X, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok and Pinterest.

Examples include

Images and media are resized to perform well on social networks. We keep track of all the specifics, so you don’t need to, and everything you upload will look right the first time.

Hit the ground running with an expertly-crafted profile for your business. We establish your account and ensure all the information your fans and followers need is available.

Each social media platform hosts a unique audience with different likes, dislikes, wants and needs. By researching these demographics and comparing them with your company’s goals, we can identify the ideal audience for your product or service and develop that into an engaged community of prospects.

Using the right hashtags leads to better-performing campaigns and will attract the right audience to your social media profiles. We tap into users’ search and interaction history insights to create an effective tagging strategy.

Your perfect customer is probably checking their favorite social media platform once a day – likely more than once! Grab their attention with ads created specifically for social media deployment.

Digital Marketing

Kero Creative has experience supporting clients through lead generation, including email marketing. Whether a client is seeking a budget-friendly set of branded templates for their email marketing or wants help from start to finish (audience management, content planning, copywriting, and design) – our team is here to execute the deliverables and follow up with results.

We have experience with Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Active Campaign and others.

Examples include

Kero Creative has experienced substantial success in helping organizations launch and manage text message marketing platforms. From creating opt-in/opt-out processes to curating subscriber lists – and ultimately, drafting content, reviewing results, and making suggestions for improvement.

Examples include

Take advantage of Google’s powerful reach with a Business Profile. We create a robust profile that connects your business to customers searching for your products or services. You can interact with them through reviews and a Q&A section if you’d like, and the opportunity to add links and images increases your visibility.

Brand Audit

Kero Creative is skilled at serving as an outside party to conduct audits of every element of a client’s brand and marketing/advertising efforts. Reviewing analytics, campaigns, messaging, design and the like – we offered unbiased feedback to help clients understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

Examples include

Google Ads + Analytics

Harness the power of Google’s network to maximize your advertising dollar investment with Google Ads. Many tools are available to ensure your business gets in front of the right audience, but navigating those tools can be overwhelming.

Kero Creative’s marketing professionals have mastered the skills to achieve certification in Google Ads Display, Google Ads Measurement, Google Ads Fundamentals and Digital Sales.

Examples Include:

Good measurement tools and benchmarks for analysis are the foundation of any successful online presence. Google Analytics is more than a way to measure the number of visitors to your site. Set conversion goals, measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and leverage your site’s strengths into the ideal user experience.

Kero’s staff is certified in Google Analytics 4 to guide our clients through the setup and analysis of their site and its long-term goals.

With its library of useful tools, Google has simplified deployment and management of these with Google Tag Manager. Using Tag Manager, you can update conversion tracking, analytics, and more without editing the code on your site.

Kero Creative can establish an account for you, or we can manage an existing account.

Kero Creative can optimize your site’s content and measure success with the help of Google Search Console. We apply Search Engine Optimization to your content, then keep tabs on how everything performs so we can provide you with the best suggestions for staying at the top of Google’s search results.

Kero Creative Services | Website Design + Website Development

Technical Website Analysis

Leveraging industry best practices and high-performing software plus our team’s expertise, our agency runs complimentary technical analyses for clients seeking to understand the issues with their website (broken links and images, 4XX pages) which are impacting their audience’s user experience and damaging their SEO. As part of this analysis, we offer insights from the team on the highest to lowest priority items to tackle – even if they choose to hand it off to their current web management team for execution.

Examples include

Kero Creative Services | Website Design + Website Development

API Development

Our senior server administrator is skilled at using custom code to allow two programs to interface with each other. A great example is when we worked with Syand Corporation to showcase tailored SmileBack (customer survey) results to clients on their website.

Examples include

Search Engine Optimization

Our marketing strategist, writer and search engine specialists are exceptionally skilled in ensuring our clients show up online. We review your website and optimize alt text, meta descriptions, slugs, internal and external links, page titles and keywords.


We’re proud of supporting clients navigating the advanced international privacy laws to ensure their website can collect money from individuals overseas (and within North and South America). This includes adherence to the EU’s GDPR requirements. We’ve successfully worked with one of the nation’s leading cancer nonprofits through this process after the sudden death of a woman to sarcoma cancer that brought worldwide attention. When her parents suddenly went overseas to obtain donations, we were immediately called in to help.

Examples include

We’ve helped many companies successfully navigate compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) as it pertains to digital properties – working with clients to prioritize and phase this in as budget becomes available.

Examples include

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